Clonewolf's Terms & Conditions

When you register as a Clonewolf user, you agree to our terms and conditions as detailed below. This page will always show our up to date terms and conditions of service.

Our pledge is to provide you, the user, with the best internet plagiarism search application on the market along with excellent customer service.

Our contract to you:

Your contract with us:

Any fraudulent, abusive or malicious behaviour will result in the immediate deletion of your account and prohibition from using our site. Such behaviours may be:

Account closure

You may close your account with us at any time by either contacting us by email (using the email address you registered with) or by choosing appropriate options on the website application.

Or we may choose to close your account due to account inactivity or for reasons stipulated above (your contract with us).

We will hold all of your scanned content to be accessible in your scan library for the duration of your account with us. Unless you email to communicate any other wishes,

All your scanned documents will be deleted upon account closure.

Credits held in the account at the time of closure will expire, however if you write to us for a refund within 30 days of closing your account we will honour your request. Just tell us the email account used to make the original payment in Clonewolf and we can use our payment gateway provider to issue this back to you.

Third party interactions

We use the following services from third parties:


We are not responsible for service levels provided by our third party vendors which may at times experience technical issues. For issues with payments please take up any problems or concerns directly with PayPal as they handle all transactional information and we do not process or store any personally identifiable information (see our Privacy and Data Protection policy). For problems encountered with searches using Microsoft Bing, we will only charge scan credits from your account for successfully returned results. We can not be held responsible for any downtime or unavailability of service experienced by Microsoft Bing.

Scan results provided by Clonewolf will include original source website links for your convenience. We are not responsible for the content or availability of these sites.

Note the Clonewolf scanner currently operates and provides results for the English language only.

Complaints, refunds and data requests

For anything we can help with, including refunds, data deletion requests or just general queries or complaints, please contact us and we will aim to exceed your expectations!